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Holika Dahan – 1 March 2018 and Holi – 2 March 2018

Holika Dahan – 1 March 2018 and Holi – 2 March 2018

The 1st of March 2018, Thursday, is the admired holy-sacred ancient religious Hindu event (per Hindu mythology) of Holi Dahan. The forename ‘Holi’ is named after Holika. Holi Dahan is also called Choti Holi (smaller Holi) event. Holika was regarded as devil, wicked and was a demoness. Holika was the sister of ruler Hiranyakashipu. King Hiranyakashipu, again a demon, was the father of Prahlada. Holika tried to kill Prahlada (then a child) per the wish of her brother Hiranyakashipu. 

The day after Holi Dahan (1st March 2018), i.e., the 2nd of March 2018 (Friday) for 2018, marks one of the top Indian festival of India and the region, of Holi (also called Holi Dhulandi and Rangwali Holi (color Holi)). Holi is also called festival of colors, which always falls in the spring season, once every year (Gregorian - February end and March). Dahan means to burn, fire, combust. 

As per ancient Hindu mythology, King Hiranyakashipu was annoyed with his son Prahlada that Prahlada did not worship him (Prahlad’s father) but instead worshiped Lord Vishnu. King Hiranyakashipu’s sister was gifted with a boon that she could not be burned; therefore, Hiranyakashipu put his son in the arms or laps of his sister and were placed in the fire. However, the opposite happened that Lord Vishnu’s devotee Prahlada was saved (survived the fire) while Holika got burnt to death in the fire and hence coining of the name ‘Holi Dahan’.

Prahlada was a great devotee and worshiper of Lord Vishnu, by birth. Prahlada’s father ruler Hiranyakashipu was considered sinful and an evil leader, who is believed to have had a boon of being indestructible, immortal-imperishable. However, Prahlada (after the death of his father Hiranyakashipu) was a very wise, beloved leader.

Holi Dahan is a restricted holiday in India (optional); and though the following day main festivity Holi is not a gazetted holiday in India, but most of the Government offices, schools, PSUs, NGOs, institutions etc remain closed, including the private sector (especially in north India). Nepal, with ~80% Hindus, also celebrate Holi (refer Fagu Purnima).

In the modern day belief, system and understanding, by and large Holi Dahan is also observed as the end of evil, both professionally and personally in the natives’ lives and life nuances; to end any ideological-personal etc differences between any individuals etc; and nowadays, in the Indian subcontinent and parts globally, Holi is celebrated by non-Hindus as well, especially where there are Indian communities-residents; but predominantly amongst Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains etc. 

Natives, irrespective of gender, caste, status, age etc celebrate Holi. Many call on - visit each other’s friends-relatives’ homes, or have a residential or community celebration with music, singing-dancing, Bhang etc drinks, delicious sweets, eateries-snacks like traditional Gujiyas (or Gujias), often followed by later lunch, multi coloring-water drenching each other etc.  

Many mothers keep Vrat (fast) for their child-children on Holi Dahan. In the evening of Holi Dahan, a few of the mothers go to temple or any nearby bon-fire (like Holika effigy burning) for prayers (Puja), roasting green cereals etc. In some areas, dry fruit Mala (garlands) are made children. Later or after the Puja, these dry fruits can be consumed-eaten.

The date of Holi (always the day after Holi Dahan) is determined per the Hindu lunar calendar that falls in the Hindu month of Phalguna and in full moon (Purnima), ∴ also called Phalguna Purnima, for Holi Dahan. 

The following year dates (corresponding to Gregorian calendar) for Holi are:

1. 21st of March 2019, Thursday

2. 10th of March 2020, Tuesday

3. 29th of March 2021, Monday

4. 18th of March 2022, Friday

5. 8th of March 2023, Wednesday

6. 25th of March 2024, Monday

7. 14th of March 2025, Friday

8. 4th of March 2026, Wednesday

9. 22nd of March 2027, Monday

10. 11th of March 2028, Saturday

Holi generally marks affirmative end of winter and start of spring and the subsequent summer (especially India, northern hemisphere). 

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