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Hindu Fast : Shat-tila Ekadashi Parana – 12 January 2018

Hindu Fast : Shat-tila Ekadashi Parana – 12 January 2018

Shattila Ekadashi is a fasting time. ‘Parana’ means the time to break the fast. ‘Ekadashi’ is a time-period – the 11th lunar day (Tithi) of the waning phase (rising) of the moon, a phenomena-period-phase also called ‘Krishna Paksha’. Therefore, Shattila Ekadashi Parana means the day and time-period to break the Shattila fast. The days and period are best reflected-elaborated in the Hindu calendar.

Periodical fasts are said to be good for health and also for mental fitness-strength-wellbeing, said so even scientifically.  However, individuals with any medical related issues must consult a Doctor before fasting. Fasting aspect in India can be traced back to 1,000s of years, vis-à-vis, the Vedic times. It is called Vrath in Hindi/Sanskrit.

Shattila is sometimes spelt Satila. ‘Sat’ part means six. ‘Tila’ part means sesame seeds. Shattila Ekadashi is also called Magh Krishna Ekadashi and Tilda Ekadashi.

The date for 2018 for Shat-tila Ekadashi is the 12th of January, Friday. One can complete-break the fast hereafter.

What is the meaning of Shat-tila Ekadashi? Why is it observed? It is observed in dedication to the deity Lord Vishnu. It is to please him.  Lord Vishnu is the protector, preserver of the world against the evil, destruction, war, chaos etc. It is to end miseries, wash off sins, bring good wealth and health favorability, keep control over ego, negative thoughts, short temperedness, control over mind etc.

How to observe Shat-tila Ekadashi? Sesame seeds are used extensively on this fast day. Only items like fruits, water, fruit juice (without salt) etc are to be consumed during the fast day. There are special food items for the day. Food is offered to the poor, often after the prayers.

As indicated above, in six (Sat) ways we can use the sesame seeds (Tila)-

1. Food can be prepared using the sesame seeds

2. Can be mixed in bathing water

3. It can be put-applied on forehead or body

4. It can be used to put in the fire of the Havan (Hindu religious ceremony) also Yajna

5. To give/offer as sweets like Ladoo, Halva etc.

6. Mixed in water to offer to family ancestors (like at their picture or spot/s marking them, or simply placing in flowing water like a river)

Sesame seeds (also oil) are rich in vitamins, minerals; it has no cholesterol; it improves heart health, burns fat, improves blood pressure, etc.

For consultation on fasts, puja/ Yajna performance, etc; to find cures, remedies, Upays; and also related to making-interpretation of Janam Kundali (Natal/Birth Chart), you can write to us at info@yesicanchange.com, or call at +91 – 124 – 6774667. An appointment with world renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji is possible at address: 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase – 3, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana, India


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