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Why Gun Milan importance in marriage ?

In Vedic astrology, since the beginning of Hindu Pratha (Customs), wedding is meant to be as the sacred bond of two souls. Initially the star signs used to predict the compatibility of the boy and girl. After ages of research and knowledge gained by Astroscientist in for the benefit of compatible nature. Total of 36 guns were studied as in accordance of compatibility for a boy and girl. Minimum of 18 Guns were bound to match for a successful marriage. To know the detailed point of view as how “Gun Milan” is categorized according to characteristics :-


1. For Overall Compatibility

One major reason why kundali is matched before marriage is to understand how compatible the bride and groom are. As per astrology, there are 36 gunas in total which are matched to conclude how compatible the two people are and how prosperous their life will be. These gunas have different points and each point indicates a different factor of life. 

2. Financial Stability and Career

When two people unite in the sacred relationship of marriage, the movement of their planets has an effect not only on their lives but on each other’s lives too. Bhakoot, the seventh guna indicates this effect. 

3. Compatibility for Child birth

One major concern that is looked into through Kundli matching is the happiness and health of children. Naadi, the eighth guna carries the maximum points and indicated the chances of childbirth or the problems arising around it

4. Mental and Physical Compatibility

The Kundali Milan task is used to predict both the partners’ mindset, interests, behavior, temper, and most importantly their aptitude. This is the basic premise of a successful marriage especially during these challenging times when the world is moving ahead at a massive pace. 

5. Overcome Dasha

When a child takes birth, the positioning of the stars and timing of his birth decide his fortune. This factor is a scientifically proven one and is therefore very important to every individual.  The timing and positioning of stars can sometimes be such that they create Dasha in the person’s charts, like, Mangal Dasha or Shani Dasha. 


What is the Science behind Gun Milan in Hindu marriage?

Gun Milan is the process in which the horoscope charts of two different people are matched. 

An astrologer looks into the birth chart to perform a detailed analysis of the planetary positions and their movements. It helps them to predict the traits of an individual’s personality from the positions of the stars in the horoscope. If a couple is predicted to stay together for the entire life then their planets and stars will surely make an impact on their destinies as well. So, the astrologer analysis the stars position to judge the level of a couple’s compatibility after marriage.

There are total eight gunaas that are calculated for matching two kundalis. Every gunaa holds its own importance and the total of these eight gunaas is 36. For compatibility, a minimum of 18 gunna should match.

This process is executed by assessing the planetary position and their combinations. The relevant influence of these planetary positions and combinations on the individual are also studied in this process

The important planetary details are collected and charted according to the name, date of birth, place of birth and the time of birth. In India people are more inclined towards making the kundali at the time of birth of the child.


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