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Exam Result, Prediction through Education Astrology

The Indian peninsula is known for its educational systems from the ancient times; testimony holds through its primitive scriptures, historic Sanskrit texts, extensive different fields’ studies, such as Astrology, medicinal like Ayurveda, Science, Yoga physical-mental wellbeing etc, all from the ancient times. India’s ancient Nalanda University is regarded by many as the oldest university in the world.

In the highly competitive modern-day, examination result outcome fear or phobia is nerve breaking for many students and parents. Across India, about March end to May end is mostly the period in which the exam results are declared-announced for different educational level examinations, such as, the important 10th and the 12th Boards, degree college result, post-graduation result, Ph.D. result, Government job result, competitive entrance exam results such as for engineering, and so forth. These result marks, grades or divisions determine the future course of the person appearing for the exams. 

The exam results are a turning point in any native’s future professional and personal life. Depending on the basis of the exam result, it determines which college, institution, profession or job-placement a person will be able to get, enter or pursue. Admission into prestigious colleges, institutions etc are based on these exam result. 

After sitting for the examinations, students and parents wait anxiously for the exam result. The waiting period is often stressful and worrisome. The most critical time and moment as the day of the exam result nears is the actual day of the exam result declaration. 

Astrology and its remedies can help the students and parents to bring calmness, to have some control over the negative fear, to have auspiciousness in the exam result etc. Some of the Dos and Don’ts in this time period are:


• Do basic prediction analyses of the exam result. A priest or Astrologer can help here

• Taking the help of religious prayers, Astrology, getting a bit spiritual, etc can reduce tension, and complement exam result auspiciousness, and it enables wisdom

• Do not be unrealistically over-confident or overly high expectations about the exam result as it can lead to disappointment, and mental anxiety and imbalance may follow

• Keep in mind whatever has to happen will happen. We can just do and give our best

• Be positive every moment. Whatever the exam result outcome, there will yet be ways, paths etc

• Be realistic about the reward outcome of the exam result in relation to the hard work put in

• Introspect how you did in the exams, and keep a reasonable range of exam result effect

• The time period between the giving the exam and getting the exam result is the time for introspection, like thinking about a backup plan, checking career options, institution admission lists, placement etc.


In Astrology, the 5th House in the horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli is regarded as the main House for Education and its predictions. However, there are multiple astrological aspects and conditions that are interpreted holistically in the Janam Kundli for an accurate result, e.g., along with the main 5th House, the relative status of planets in the 2nd, 4th, 8th Houses are also analyzed. In other words, many astrological factors are interlinked, often in layers. The placement of malefic or benefic planets in these Janam Kundli Houses plays a pivotal role. 


A Mantra for Goddess Saraswati, the deity for education, academics, knowledge, wisdom etc is -

                        Om Aing MahaSarawatyai Namah

                        ॐ ऐं महासरस्वत्यै नमः

Free Prediction Yes I Can Change Date Published : 28 May 2019
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