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Cursed Horoscope: Its Remedies, Cures and ‘Upaay’

Cursed Horoscope: Its Remedies, Cures and ‘Upaay’

It is said and acknowledged that it is decided at birth (date/time/place) of every person about his/her future course, pattern, fate and happenings in a life span.

Now, how to determine the degree, measure or whether your life horoscope is cursed or blessed? There could be multiple factors for a cursed horoscope, such as, ancestors, heredity, genes (Gene is a Greek word meaning ‘born’), karma, black magic by another person, celestial bodies’ unfavorable positioning and placement especially at the time of birth etc. E.g., the zodiac’s 10th house is for job, business prosperity, success etc. and if it is weak-unfavorable in a person’s life chart, then the person could face struggle in career, job, business losses etc. However, there are certain cures, solutions, remedies and ‘Upays’ to suppress-reduce the negative aspects and neutralize these. These ‘Upays’ are based and exclusive to the native, and predominantly based on his-her specific Janam Kundali (birth/natal horoscope).

A famous quote by William Shakespeare goes:”It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves; we are underlings”. Therefore, in a sense and to put it in another way, the stars (celestial bodies, the 9 planets, sun, the moon placement) is already within us, but we have to use-leverage these to our advantage and for self-introspection. We cannot leave and take our fate-destiny-fortune for granted. 

It would be informative, insightful and useful to watch a video on “Shaap” (cursed) Janam Kundali house, by the world renowned Astro-Scientist  ji, at link http://www.inkhabar.com/gurumantra/guru-mantra-show-on-measures-for-making-kundali-curse-free 

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Free Prediction Yes I Can Change Date Published : 29 Nov 2017
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