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Chandra Darshan and Phulera Dooj – 17 February 2018

The 17th of February 2018, Saturday, marks two of the important Hindu ancient holy rituals, namely, Chandra Darshan and Phulera Dooj (also spelt Duj). Chandra means the Earth’s moon and Darshan means visit or viewing. Chandra Darshan is the holy viewing of the Earth’s moon after the aspect Amavasya. Amavasya (Sanskrit word) means no moon, i.e., total darkness as there is no moon visible and the sky is murky. Therefore, Chandra Darshan is considered very auspicious in the Hindu religion, beliefs and the Vedic Astrology system. 

Besides most of India, sacred-holy event Phulera Duj is predominantly observed in Vrindavan and Mathura (tier 2, 3 cities) area in the north Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. ‘Phul’ means flower. This area is the hub for devotees, temples, Ashrams…especially related to Lord Krishna. Mathura is the birth place of the Hindu deity Lord Krishna. Phulera Duj falls on the 2nd day (Dwitiya Tithi) of the Shukla Paksha (rising, waxing moon) during the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna. Dwitiya means 2nd and Tithi is the lunar day. Hindu calendar month of Phalguna corresponds to Gregorian February-March period. It basically occurs around between two of the Hindu major festivals of Vasant Panchami (for 2018: 22nd of January 2018) and Holi (for 2018: 1st of March, Thursday). Phulera Duj marks an auspicious day to start the preparation of Holi festivity. 

Many Hindu families consider this time auspicious for marriages and to start any important thing. Besides, the 24th of February 2018, Saturday, is marked as a good Mahurut for Vivah (wedding) as per the Hindu calendar calculations in the month of February 2018.

Lord Krishna is understood to have been born (in Mathura, as stated above) around 5,000 years ago.  Lord Krishna is also known as a form (avatar, representation or incarnation) of Lord Vishnu.  

A common Mantra (amongst several) for Lord Krishna is कृं कृष्णाय नमः (Krun Krishnaay Namah). It has to be chanted a 108 times in the morning after bathing.

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