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Auspicious Marriage Date and Time per Astrology

Auspicious Marriage Date and Time per Astrology

It is said that TIME doesn’t stop and keeps moving forward like a clock. Another theory-thought is that the time remains static-same, but it is we humans that keep moving ahead-further in time and grow older in age that is unstoppable. In this journey of time and life, there are positive and negative moments, vis-à-vis, good moments and bad moments. Some are auspicious and some inauspicious-cursed-evil. Marriage, considered the significant remaining 2nd part of a life span, MUST happen at an auspicious time-moment as the endeavor of marriage (especially with Indians, its culture and values) is for the rest of the remainder life. It is normally very tough for a common person to determine and differentiate between when is a good and a bad time, especially in the context of auspicious marriage date and time. A famous quote by Prof. F. Porsche begins:”Time cannot be influenced by mankind…”

 To find the most appropriate and suitable date and time for marriage custom, we need to take the help of Astrology. We have to ensure that the planets are placed optimally in the bride–bridegroom / couple’s horoscope houses at the time of marriage ceremony. Nobody wants divorce, legal, tension, anxiety, hatred, suspicion, infidelity, families’ enmity, health-wealth problems, unluckiness in profession etc in a marriage and due to a marriage. After the horoscopic charts of the marriage couple for their zodiac favorability is matched, comes the Mahoorut (auspicious-most suitable moment - date, time and moment of the marriage ritual) and determine per most suiting Vivah (wedding) date calculations, Panchang (Hindu Calendar) Shuddhi (purification), Nakshatra (lunar mansion), Lugna (ascendant), Tithi (lunar day), Yog (righteous joining-coming together), Akshaya Tritiya (Akshaya means eternal and Tritiya – 3rd lunar day), supernatural influence, lucky days etc.

 In the website of world renowned Astro-Scientist GuruDev GD Vashist ji, it is indicated that after marriage sometimes life seems to be distressed; therefore, the need for determining an auspicious date and time for marriage, to mitigate future problems.

GuruDev G.D. Vashist ji has offered to help here, to provide insight, ideal, most auspicious date and time for marriage. There are different ways you can reach GuruDev ji and us. 

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