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Astrology remedies to overcome financial issues

Astrology is an ancient science that also helps the astrologers to predict the future outcomes for people based on their birth charts and positions of planets. Most of the time, people think astrologers to be blessed with some power of stamp out future problems from their life; however, this is true at all! Since astrologers, are human beings and are not equipped with the power of transforming destiny. Still, there are definite astrological remedies that may be arranged as an effort to prevent any foreseen problems.

There are few remedies which can calm down and prevent such financial outcome:-

 Worship Lord Sun 

 Worshipping the Sun can ease many of your problems, including your loan and debt issues. 

 Sun (Surya) is the planet full of respect and success, and worshipping him daily can help you prevent your problems. 

 To diminish your debts and loan problems, offer water to the rising sun on a daily basis. 

 Keep 11 seeds of red chilli (lal mirch) in water and offer it to Sun while enchanting or praying.


‘Om Adityaya Namah’


 Pray to Sun (Lord) for his blessings to diminish your debt problems.

 Plant Banana Tree in Lord Vishnu’s Temple.

 Plant a banana tree, it can be two banana trees (male and female), in Lord Vishnu’s temple. 

 Water the banana tree/plant daily and take care of it. As soon as the tree starts bearing fruit, your loan will start decreasing around the same time.

 Do not even think of eating any of these fruits, but donate them to the poor and the needy people.

 Wear Suitable Gemstone prescribed by experienced astrologer.

 Sometimes a weak planet can activate debt and loan problems. Consult an Astrologer to find the gemstone that will be suitable for you according to your birth chart. Wear a gemstone to nullify the effect of a weak planet and you will see the tide turn in your favour within no time.

 Enchant Shri Suktam Mantra to redeem such power to diminish financial issues.

 On Thursdays of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon), recite Shri Suktam. 

 Every Saturday, feed a chapati soiled with oil to a black dog. Also, you can fill up a coconut with jaggery and bury it under a peepal tree to end your financial problems.

 Pray to Lord Hanuman

 This is a severe, but a highly successful remedy. One should enchant Hanuman Chalisa 108 times daily for 40 days. You can also take the help of your family members for the same. Also, the person concerned should observe the tenets of Brahmacharya life during this time. Keep your house tidy and avoid eating garlic, onion or non-vegetarian food during these 40 days. 

 Plant an Ashoka tree, preferably in your home, and water it daily.

 Keep Your Home and Office clean.

 Make sure you keep your home and office clean and tidy. The roof of your home should not be cluttered or strewn with debris. 

 It can aid curb any unexpected expense.

 Water A Peepal Tree.

 An effective remedy to do away with all your loans is to water a peepal tree on 6 Saturdays. But there’s a catch! Only water brought from a cemetery well can be used to accomplish this ritual.

 Donate Food or food items on Fridays.

 Donate food and clothes to the poor and needy every Friday. Do it for 5 consecutive Fridays for effective results.

 Keep a Branch of Tamarind Tree in Your Safe/locker.

 Keep a small branch of Tamarind plant and keep it in your safe, locker or cupboard  wherever you keep your money


For more specific remedies based on your birth chart and other information, Consult now in our Gurudev GD Jyotish Sansthan and get instant and effective solutions and remedies for your debt or money-related problems.


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