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Astrology favorability in Profession

Astrology favorability in Profession

Profession means occupation. It can be business, career or job. Quality and level of professional life is related to the level of education, exposure, opportunity, remuneration, placement, industry, sector etc. Often, path of profession is set at an early stage in life. A child’s future, by and large depends on the education level and of course his/her mindset and bent itself.

For a child’s healthy mental growth, doing well at academics with good marks, progressing with distinction, choosing the appropriate stream of studies (related to future career) like science, commerce, arts; and later choosing the suitable career path like medical, biotechnology, law, defense services, IAS, IT, research, Government job, family business, engineering, management, architect, banking/finance, agriculture,  logistics, retail, aviation, travel/tourism, hospitality, healthcare, F&B, energy, photography, real estate, media, advertising, private equity/venture capital etc., we provide excellent child and teens overall consultation, career guidance, on his/her overall development leveraging the Janam Kundali (horoscope/ Astrological chart, also called birth chart). You may want to Read More...

Once a person enters into the world of work, a totally new phase of life or entering the real world, a new chapter begins; there are a new set of challenges, problems, hurdles at every stage, at different moments and levels. Sometimes, most of us are unable to resolve or face up to these obstacles, as a lot of them appear to be out of a person’s control and indulgence, especially aspects as business growth, luck, promotion, foreign posting, salary hike, competition, office politics, favoritism, performance and so forth. To make conditions favorable and mitigate such profession related blocks, we look in to your Janam Kundali and endeavor to make things favorable through astrology like Lal Kitaab Amrit. You may want to Read More... 

A glimpse of our Gurudev G.D. Vashist ji’s kind insight and speech by an example of a terrible JOB INSTABILITY situation of a person, can be watched/ heard at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj1gHbwj97c and on India News Channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3IrKr0ogLs

We first determine the problem area itself, such as, the positioning of the moon, the sun, and the favorable/unfavorable planets in your zodiac houses. Then we show, inform and consult you, based on facts. Later, we move onto the remedies, cures and ‘upaays’. For an in-depth analysis and guidance by the renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev , please consult us / ask for appointment at +91 - 124 – 6674671 at our office: 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase – III, Gurgaon (Gurugram), India

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