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Reason of Cancer and Astrological Remedies of Cancer

Vedic astrology supports remedial measures in the form of pleasing the planets, which are bothersome by various processes well known to every astrologer. Our ancient doctors had absolute knowledge of astrological values. As per explanation given in Puran, Lord Shiv danced in rage with deceased body of goddess Mother Sati in his hands and his body was prolonged so much that it covered whole universe. ‘His entire body was covering twelve Rashi and all twenty-seven Nakshatra. Whatsoever part of his body covering a particular rashi- became the basis of Medical astrology? His head covered Mesh Rashi, hence mesh rashi symbolize head of a person and so on.

Doctor having information of ideology of Medical astrology may be able to diagnose the illness rapidly. Similarly Astrologers, who are not doctors, ought to have knowledge of Human composition for enhanced prediction about life of sickness in stock up for any exacting person. Sixth house in birth chart symbolize House of illness and eighth house symbolize death. 


Which house is responsible for particular part of body?

1. First House/ Mesh – It has high confrontation power. It is fiery sign and person is most active in life. Ruby gem and Sun is supportive for him. It is Rajasik 

2. Second house / Taurus -Face, Neck throat, Right eye. It is earthy sign and person troubled is like a businessman in his dealings. Such person usually keeps sound health. Green color and emerald gem is supportive to such persons.

3. Third house / Gemini - Shoulders, Arms, hands, lungs and breath. This is airy sign and may influence breathing, green color; emerald gem and mercury are supportive to Gemini born persons. 

4. Fourth house / Cancer- chest-breast, epigastria region, stomach and digestive organs. It is watery sign and the person concerned possesses low resistance power

5. Fifth house / Leo - spine, back and Heart. It is Fiery sign persons of this sign have high resistance power. Red Coral is supportive for them. Mars is Karaka planet for them. It is tamsik sign.

6. Sixth house / Virgo- Abdominal and umbilical region and Bowels, intestines. Sixth house and Kanya rashi in birth chart is house of illness. These may be inspected minutely in the birth chart to find out credible illness in store for the person concerned. 

7. Seventh house / Libra- Lumber region, Skin and Kidneys. It is airy sign that is why it also influences breathing. Saturn is karaka planet for them. It is Rajasik sign.

8. Eight house / Scorpio - urinary and sexual organ, anus, generative organs and bladder. It is a watery sign and person troubled has low resistance, Jupiter is karaka planet for them. It is tamasik sign.

9. Ninth house / Sagittarius - hips, thighs, arterial system and nerves. It is feiry sign and the person troubled will have high struggle. Yellow color and pukhraj are supportive to such persons. Jupiter is karaka planet for them it is sattavik sign.

10. Tenth house / Capricorn- Knees, hams, bones and joints. It is earthy sign and person troubled is hard working. Blue color and blue sapphire are supportive to such persons. Venus is karaka planet for them. It is Rajasik sign.

11. Eleventh house / Aquarius- legs, ankles and blood. Circulation. It is airy sign and person troubled has low resistance. Venus is karaka planet for them. It is tamasik sign.

12. Twelfth house / Pisces- Feet, toes and lymphatic system. It is watery sign and person troubled has low struggle. Pearl is most supportive to such persons. Jupiter is karka planet for them. It is sattvik sign.

 They rule over convinced characteristic of Life and health. We evaluate the placement of karaka planets for each birth sign to locate out happiness of individual. Likewise we should judge placement of karka planets in Medical Astrology usually the planets owning sixth, eight and third house are accountable for any health problem. 


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