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Reason behind Eye Problems - Astrological Remedies for Eye Problems

The eyes are meant to be the most significant organs of the human body. It is only throughout them that we can see the exterior world, and enjoy in the view of nature and its lively colors – all for the reason that of our eyes. In order to lead a reasonable life, we necessitate protecting our eyes and also taking care of them. In today’s world, not only the old people, even the young generation is falling prey to eye connected disorder and diseases. According to a study, highest number of eye diseases occurs due to an unhealthful diet. The more usage of electronic gadgets like television, mobile, etc. also puts a strain on the eyes and cause harm to them. However, distant from these, there are sure astrological reasons too, because of which people can occurrence eye disorders.

According to the science of astrology, everyone and every body part is associated with a particular planet. This is the reason why public experience beneficial and detrimental results on particular organs when definite planets in their kundali go through a most important period or sub period. Also, if a planet is adverse in one’s birth chart, the organs connected with that planet also become weak or some kind of chaos or disease might also occur. However, astrology offer remedies to cure medical situation too. 


What are the Astrological reasons for eye problems?

For classifying blindness or harms in eyes or eye-sight troubles in Vedic astrology horoscope, the power of second and twelfth houses is to be analyzed. The planets, Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn, if harmfully related with second and/or twelfth house(s) of a horoscope, can source health matter associated with eyes.

• Furthermore 2nd and 12th houses indicate right and left eye

• Weak placement of the Sun in the birth chart can origin the troubles/diseases linked to eyes.

• Weak location of Moon in the horoscope of person is accountable for troubles like weak eyesight.

• Venus which is a preceptor of demons symbolizes face, eyes. A weak Venus in the horoscope may reason eye diseases.

• The Sun rules the right eye and the Moon governs the left eye.

• Ketu is one of the significations of ‘Cataract’. Connection of Ketu and the Sun in the 2nd or 12th house can source ‘cataract’ difficulty leading to surgery.

• In common both are the eyes are associated more to the 2nd house. So any suffering to the 2nd house indicates problems to the eyes.

• If a person has Sun in the 2nd house and Moon in the 12th house then there will be loss of vision or severe eye problems.


Planetary positions that indicate eye problems.

• Sun in the 1st house:

Sunk, it is a Pitta planet. The eyes according to Ayurveda are usually pretentious by Pitta (the fire element in the body. Sage Brigu says that if Sun is in the 1st house the person will be a Netra Rogi sense that the person will undergo from serious eye problems.

The person thinks a lot and is worried, also has higher blood pressure and this leads to troubles with eyes. Such people are inclined to be restless even while playing a game.

If Sun is Neecha (harmed) and is in addition in the 1st house then serious eye troubles are indicated.

Remedy: Get down the Pitta as much as achievable before the eyes get affected.

• Sun in the 2nd house:

If Sun is in the 2nd house then also there are potential of serious eye diseases. 

• Sun in the 6th house:

If Sun is in the 6th house here is the risk of eye diseases. If such a SUN is placed down with a MALEFIC then the eye problem is certain to come by.

• Sun in the 12th house:

If Sun is in the 12th house there is the likelihood of eye diseases. If such a SUN is placed along with a MALEFIC then the eye problem is definite to come by.

• Mars in the 2nd house:

There are a lot of People who had serious eye problems having Mars in the 2nd house. Mars works beside Mercury who is related to Nerves. So nerve associated eye problems are caused by Mars in the 2nd house.

Mars in the 2nd house specify serious eye problem and it is confirmed if there are other natural malefic in the 2nd house without the association with Jupiter or Venus.

• Mars in the 8th house:

Mars in the 8th house indicates eye problems.

• Mars in the 12th house:

Mars in the 12th house indicates eye problems.

• Mercury in the 1st house:

Serious left eye problems. Doctors in Chennai, they have no solutions or answers for my questions concerning to what lead to the problem. It is not source by bacteria or virus. However I am pleased that Mercury is in the 1st house that allowed me to understand Astrology.


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