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About Seven Chakras

About the Seven Chakras

What is Chakra? Chakra is a Sanskrit word. Chakra literally means the ‘wheel’ or disk. We may think of it as the wheels of life and different energies within the body. Like a journey – cycle of life living within us (Prana). Prana can be related to the breath, the life movement-energy. Like from birth to death. 

There are 7 main Chakras, i.e., the main Chakras are segregated into 7 body sections-parts-divisions, namely, 1. Root, 2. Sacral, 3. Solar Plexus, 4. Heart, 5. Throat, 6. 3rd Eye, and 7. Crown (head). Chakra is like a Theory or mental-physical link concept. It is also regarded as the wheels of energy of and within the body. Each of the 7 Chakras has a specific meaning, role and importance (as explained below). One of the aims of the Chakra is to know about one’s body; bring peace-balance in the body, soul and the mind, in tandem to each other. Chakras may also be regarded as the (7 main) energy centers in the body; and the mental, emotional and physical link and its relation internally and externally like the environment, reaction, motion etc. 

There are said to be hundreds of mini Chakras in our body. However, the 7 main Chakras are followed and focused on as these are the 7 main energy centers. These 7 are the prime and encompass the main-major aspects. Each Chakra is directly or indirectly connected with each another. 

The 7 Chakras are also in connection with Yoga; based on the energy centers. The origin is from the Vedic (literature) times. It is a system that is followed in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, but in the modern day, followed the world over irrespective of religion, caste, age, cultural background etc., and is quite well used in meditation, chants, tones, healing, mental peace etc. 

What are the names of the 7 Chakras? They are Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasvara. Each has certain qualities, roles, specific ruling celestial bodies, color etc.

1. Muladhara – 1st/ ROOT CHAKRA

Reflected body section part – the bladder, the colon and the 1st three vertebrae, base of the spine; Meaning stability, fearlessness, job-business security, relationship support, sense of smell, fear control etc. ‘Mula’ part (of the word Muladhara) means the root, root support. It is associated with the color red and the Earth element.  Ruling planet is the Saturn.

Main Energies: Earth, reality, grounding, focus, stability

Color: Red

2. Svadhishthana – 2nd/SACRAL CHAKRA

Reflected body section part – below the navel, pubic bone, reproductive organs, lower abdomen, womb; meaning creativity, reproduction, sexuality, desires, how we relate to others, etc. It is associated with the Water element. The ruling planet is the Mercury.

Main Energies: Re-charge, fire, subconscious to move, human development

Color: Orange

3. Manipura – 3rd/ SOLAR PLEXUS (also NAVEL Chakra, Lustrous Gem)

Reflected body section-part – area of the navel to the breastbone, pancreas, liver, stomach etc; meaning the personal-individualistic strength-power etc. It is associated with the fire element. The ruling celestial bodies are the Sun and Mars.

Main Energies: Energy generation, fire, will power

Color: Yellow

4. Anahata – 4th/ HEART

Reflected body section-part – at the heart center, center of the chest; meaning the center of the 7 Chakras, its unification, the link between mind, body and soul, love, compassion etc. It is associated with air element. Its ruling planet is Venus.

Main Energies: Water, relaxing, easy going, calm

Color: Green or rose

5. Vishuddha – 5th/ THROAT

Reflected body section-part – area of the throat; meaning the speech, voice, speaking the truth, creativity, verbal expression-communication, also listening, mantra etc. It is associated with the space element. Its ruling planets are Mercury and Neptune.

Main Energies: Water, soothing, calm, easy going 

Color: Light blue

6. Ajna – 6th/ THIRD EYE

Reflected body section-part – in between the eye brows, the 3rd eye, and center of the forehead; meaning the visualization, intuitive aspect, seeing, mind center, imagination, dream, intellect, divine wisdom etc. It is associated with the ‘mind’ element. Its ruling planet is Jupiter.

Main Energies: Intellect, thought, intuition, air

Color: Indigo (dark blue)

7. Sahasvara (also sometimes Sahasrara) – 7th/ CROWN

Reflected body section-part – located at the crown of the head – top of the head; meaning the soul’s spiritual connection and spiritual enlightenment, understanding, divinity, bliss. Sahasvara is regarded as the top-most Chakra. It reflects the state of consciousness, the state of liberation, guidance, support, stability, psychic abilities etc. It is associated with the ‘consciousness’ element. Its ruling planet is Uranus.

Main Energies: Intuitive, thinking-thoughts, air 

Color: Purple

For righteousness (wellbeing) in a person (mentally and physically) - balance, happiness and coordination amongst the Chakras is important. With the understanding of the Chakras, we are able to identify the SWOT in our body, mind and soul. The 7 colors of the rainbow – VIBGYOR are close and sometimes associated with each of 7 Chakras. Of course, Chakras are associated with celestial bodies/planets (as indicated in the ruling planets).

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