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69th Republic Day – 26 January 2018, Speech, Predictions, Future

69th Republic Day – 26 January 2018, Speech, Predictions & Future

26th of January 2018, Friday, marks the 69th Republic Day of India. This year marks a different-peculiar Republic Day and speech on account that 10 chief guests (dignitaries) are invited to commemorate the 69th Republic day of India; as compared to the normal ~one chief guest in almost all of the past years’ Republic Day tributes; except in years 1956, 1968, 1974…where 2 dignitaries from different countries were invited. On this day, 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect; after ~2.5 years of independence of India (15 August 1947) and replaced the Government Act of India, 1935. 

The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution in the world. Father of the Constitution of India is Dr. Bhimrao Ramji (B.R.) Ambedkar, known as Babasaheb Ambedkar.

The 10 chief guests on this Republic Day will be the leaders of ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) countries, namely, 1. Brunei Darussalam, 2. Cambodia, 3. Laos, 4. Malaysia, 5. Myanmar (Burma), 6. Indonesia, 7. the Philippines, 8. Singapore, 9. Thailand, and 10. Vietnam. The respective country heads-leaders names are: Sultan of Brunei (+incumbent PM, Yang Di-Pertuan) – Sultan Mr. Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah (Brunei Darussalam), Prime Minister Mr. Hun Sen (Cambodia), Prime Minister Mr. Thongloun Sisoulith (Laos), Prime Minister Mr. Dato Sri Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak (Malaysia), President Mr. Htin Kyaw (Burma-Myanmar), President Mr. Joko Widodo [Jokowi] (Indonesia), President Mr. Rodrigo “Rodi” Roa Duterte [Digong] (the Philippines), President Mrs. Halimah binti Yacob (Singapore), Prime Minister Mr. Prayuth Chan-o-cha (Thailand), Prime Minister Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Phúc (Vietnam).

In later history (post year ~1700 AD onwards), India had been subject-vulnerable to several conquering-subjugations, such as, by the British (East India Company), French, Portuguese, Dutch. Before that, it was the Moguls who invaded India (approximately 1200 – 1300 AD). Indian region is amongst the oldest pre-historic, earliest ancient settlements, civilizations, culture, archaeological findings etc in the world, with the Greek, Chinese, Mesopotamia (Babylonians) and ancient Egypt (along Nile) Africa; e.g. Indus Valley Civilization (Harappan). 

From the Vedic times and before, the Indian subcontinent was regarded as one expanse which included modern day countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, Afghanistan et al. This part of the world was subject to political and power division, mostly due to the Western conquerors, captors, colonizers etc. Evidence-links of ancient India origin-substantiation in the Stone Age are found in Caves in Kerala (also some other findings in neighboring country Sri Lanka); and another finding in south Uttar Pradesh (State of India) is linked to being some 34,000 years ago (information referenced per reliable source). Theories of period of Stone Age date back further to the time of around ~25,000 years to ~10,00,000+ BC and even earlier, from the evolution of the humans.

The Vedic and Astrological knowledge, primeval Sanskrit scripts-literature have been referenced in the modern day Western societies and Western Astrology. Origin of the Yoga also dates back to 1,000s of years old Vedic times. Ancient Indian medicine, Atharva Veda, Ayurveda etc, is now globalized. 

Noted French Astrologer, ancient seer Nostradamus (global future) predictor had predicted the emergence of India as a super power. Nostradamus had also predicted the end of the world.

India is home to perhaps all of the global religions. ~80%-85% are Hindus-Sikhs-Jains-Buddhists, ~14% Muslims, ~2.5% Christians, 2 to 5% Zoroastrians, Jews etc. India has come a long way. The population has inflated to ~1.35 billion. India ranks 2nd after China as being the most populated country. It is estimated that India’s population will exceed that of China’s in the year ~2022 at the current rate. Developed economies, MNCs, global companies target-speculate India - to current and future leverage the rising-fast emerging populous Indian middle class in consumerism, workforce etc. Indians (PIOs, NRI etc) living out of India (abroad) is the largest in the world; According to a source: ~30% of NASA Scientists are Indians, ~34% of Microsoft employees are Indians etc.

The values of the Constitution of India include equality, democracy, human dignity, dignity of the individual, liberty, secularism, justice etc. Vedic scriptures reflect aspects of tolerance, faith, mutual respect etc. 

India achieved its 1947 independence due to its chivalrous, courageous, brave, noble leaders like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (born 1897). 23 January marks his Birthday. It is celebrated across India as Netaji Jayanti. We salute him.

India is rich in minerals, reserves and several commodities. India ranks in top 3 in many of the Agricultural produce. It has a vast and diversity in terrain from the mountainous Himalayas to the coastal regions and is a major tourist attraction-destination.

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) and the Western Astrology have an immense overlap; though one of the prime differences being that the Western Astrology does not much regard the aspect of Ketu - Rahu in determining the current and future predictions, interpretations of the Janam Kundali (Natal/Birth Chart) etc.

For more on Janam Kundali, placement-positioning of the celestial bodies, malefic-benefic aspects, especially for the betterment in aspects like career, occupation, business, education, child, love, marriage etc., you can write to us about your concern on info@yesicanchange.com or call at +91 – 124 – 6774667 for an appointment with one of the leading Acharyas or with the renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji

The wellbeing of natives, citizens leads to the growth of the nation. This has a ripple-effect on the world and humanity. The world is ultimately destined to an end, such as, per psyches, predictions like Earth getting absorbed into the Sun, being hit by a giant celestial object, the solar system itself getting holed-up etc. A conscious friendly direction endeavor till human life exists on Earth should be aimed-enforced-adopted for by all countries; it predominantly lies in the hands of the world leaders.

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