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About Best Astrologer GD Vashist

Best Astrologer Gurudev GD Vashist Astrology is the most ancient science from time and memorial. This science was continuously researched and updated by various scholars, saints, scientists and Best Astrologers, which culminated into the most concise, accurate and practical Vedic branch of Astrology known as ‘’THE LAL KITAB‘’

A teenager from Punjab, who had almost lost his eye sight completely at the tender age of 19, was admitted to the hospital for 2 months, with both cornea’s damaged, where the doctors had given up the hope for him to regain his eye sight. GD Vashist then turned to the power of the “LAL KITAB” and by performing its simple remedies, regained his eye sight completely. This triggered a revolution inside him and he vowed to spread its power and knowledge to the world.

Under the guidance of his five Gurus, this teenager absorbed the entire knowledge of lal kitab and went into the depths of the Grantha, where no one else had gone before him. And after years of rigorous research, he infused his knowledge with technology and came out with a revelation known as the “ LAL KITAB AMRIT “ - The Nectar of Astrology

This extraordinaire effort was instantly recognized by masses and astrologers fraternity alike and overnight he became Best Astrologer “GURUDEV GD VASHIST”. His encyclopedic knowledge of The Vedic Sciences accompanied by modern sciences and technological linking distinguishes him from the rest of astrologers and places him on a higher pedestal, a pioneered “Astro-Scientist”.
Then he never looked back and in his onward journey, he became a visionary, a socio reformist and a missionary focused to mitigate the miseries of the world.

Best Astrologer GURUDEV GD VASHIST has never shown any discrimination towards the downtrodden, in spite of having very affluent and celebrity clients, he provides free consultation and remedies to those who can’t afford them so that no one is deprived of the benefits of “LAL KITAB AMRIT” .

His remedies are simplified, cost effective and are not bound by the laws and practices of any religion as evident from his clients and followers from all parts of the world and from all religions.

In the recent past, the power of prediction and subsequent remedies enabled a lady to give birth to a healthy child in spite of her having serious conditions, where all the doctors and hospitals had already declared that she would never have the joy of motherhood. There are numerous cases to his credit regarding infertility in males and females & complex childbirth cases.

People worldwide, have not only improved their health through the simple, cost effective remedies of Lal Kitab Amrit but have also benefitted on various aspects of their lives, be it relationships, education, careers, business, marital lives, etc.

Being sensitive, a perfectionist in all his endeavors, humble, extremely down to earth, very empathetic and a messiah for the poor and a visionary, he plans to open an orphanage, an old age home, and a multi-disciplined charitable hospital having Ayurvedic, naturopathy treatments for all. He aims to start this endeavor by 2017 to be named as “Lal Kitab Mandir“ ,consisting of separate nine temples for each planet.

His zealous passion for Astrology, combined with scientific and technological inclination has helped Best Astrologer GURUDEV GD VASHIST to scale the heights which very few have dreamt of. Yet he strives for betterment, with his extensive plans in execution mode, GURUDEV GD VASHIST aims to nullify the negativity in this universe and infuse the positive aura making the world prosper.

This son of the soil has not only helped the people in India and abroad in this lifetime but has created a legacy for himself, which will be remembered long after his time.
Yes I Can Change
We all wish for a happy and a prosperous life but do we actually get? We do charities, wear expensive gemstones and wander aimlessly at religious places to worship the God but we do not get our desired life and continuously face the same problems in our life.

With the blessings of Maa Sarveshwari, world’s renowned Astro-Scientist Best Astrologer, Gurudev GD Vashist Ji has innovated one of its kind creation – “YES I CAN CHANGE” which completely associates with its name. This Janam Kundli can really take you to the ride of your future whether it is good or bad everything will be in front of you. In common words, you can know your future before experiencing it. Is it the only thing for which Yes I Can Change stands for? Completely No, Yes I Can Change provides you Red Book (Laal Kitab in Hindi) based astrological remedies for your personalized Janam Kundli. These remedies have the power to decrease the ill effect of unfavorable planets and increase the effect of favorable planets in your birth chart

Yes I Can Change is available in all major languages such as Hindi, English, Oriya, Punjabi, Bangla & Assamese. You can change your life with the help of Gurudev GD Vashist Ji’s knowledge and astrological experience.
GD Vashist G D Vashist & Associates Pvt. Ltd. is operated under the guidance of world’s renowned Astro - Scientist and Best Astrologer Gurudev G D Vashist Ji. This company was started in the year 2000.

We have our corporate office situated in the millennium city, commonly known as Gurugram, Haryana whereas our registered office is AD-10, Near Powerhouse apartments, Pitampura, Delhi.
Our organization is committed towards the welfare of the mankind. We support various programs working towards the spirituality and humanity. Our organization has also initiated free programs for those who cannot afford our services. People in need can come to our Sansthan and consult our Acharyas absolutely free and can take the remedies at a nominal cost.

                                                     We provide 24X7 customer support for all kind of queries related to bookings, remedies, and other problems.
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