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Know the planet which can have a great impact on your Business !

Business is not a study it’s an art. It’s commonly heard that some people are born for business and it’s true. The three common traits for a successful businessman are sharp mind, quick decision making and ability to understand the market. 

It’s commonly said by astrologers that a person with favorable Mercury in birth chart tends to be very creative; sharp minded and has an ability to judge the scenario of the market. When a person is blessed with these kinds of traits in his birth chart he gets a very good response in the market and proves himself to be a successful businessman. 

Astrologers predict that Mercury planet is the decision maker of the Professional life of an individual. If a person is born with Unfavorable Mercury in the birth chart, He should not even try his hands in business as it can ruin his life whereas these people should go into jobs. 

Common traits to know whether your Mercury is favorable or unfavorable are:-

1. Continuous change in your profession.

2. Lack of Creativity.

3. Problems related to nerves.

4. Problems in the life of your Daughter, Sister & Paternal Aunt.

It’s very hard to even live a respectful life if the Mercury is unfavorable as this planet can make life so miserable that it makes a person stand on a red light to beg for food and basic necessities.

Lal Kitab astrologers state that they are most afraid of the planet Mercury as if Mercury is good in the birth chart irrespective of other planets a person can survive in his life, whereas if a person is born with unfavorable Mercury in the birth chart, no matter how good are other planets. He will have to suffer to a great extent in his life. This is why it’s said some people are born businessman. 

If you are facing above mentioned problems in your life you should consult an experienced astrologer who can guide you after analyzing your birth chart and can provide powerful healing remedies to reduce the ill effect of the unfavorable planets and make your life comfortable.

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