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Parents (Father & Mother)


Yes I Can Change For Parents

After married life and children, the aspects relating to parents have been separately observed in depth and all attempts have been successfully made to find solutions to the problems relating thereof. Parents, may be parents of your father, or your own parents. There may be difficulty being faced by your parents in getting share of their ancestral property, which may also involve discord with brothers and sisters. Your parents may be financially weak.

Parents may experience incapability in fulfilling needs of family life. Besides all these financial problems, mother or father may have bad health. They may be in miseries due to physical problems. Naturally, all such conditions will have its impact on children of the family. It is also possible that children of the family do not enjoy good inter-personal relations and resultantly parents are feeling mentally broken. Yes I Can Change institution has solutions to all such problems. While making horoscope, special care is taken of this aspect of life because parents are foundation of a happy family.

Features :

Lifetime Prediction
Current Mahadasha
2 years Upay (remedies)
Shubh / Ashubh Planets
2 years Mukhyadasha & Varshfal
Problems and their solutions regarding parents' life
Color of clothes needs to be wear

Price:   2480/-

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