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Health (Health + Disease + Accident)


Yes I Can Change For Health

All the aspects of life which have previously been discussed, it is the health which has deep rooted connection with all these aspects. It is very necessary to have best health for married life and bearing children. You cannot even imagine them without good health. If one happens to have bad health, can he perform his job or business comfortably? Health problems which are there in life, for them also there is role of these planetary conditions. Sometimes a person is afflicted with many diseases due to adverse planetary conditions. There are several remedies and practices to treat these diseases, but they should be performed only under the guidance of learned and knowledgeable astrologer. All aspects of impact of the planets on health, onset of diseases due to certain adverse planetary conditions, this important factor of life is carefully investigated at Yes I Can Change astrological institution while preparing horoscope of your life.

Health plays an important role at every stage of life. As much as good health is necessary in childhood, it is necessary in young age and equally necessary in old age. If the health is good, only then student life will be successful. If the health is best, only then job and business can be well taken care of. Happy and successful married life does depend on health.

Features :

Lifetime Prediction
Current Mahadasha
2 years Upay (remedies)
Shubh / Ashubh Planets
2 years Mukhyadasha & Varshfal
Problems and their solutions regarding your health
Color of clothes needs to be wear

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