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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 9 February 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 9 February 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 9 February 2018 By G D Vashist 

Aries:- Today, in body also will get to see liveliness-activeness. There can be some Manglik-religious work that can happen at home. Will get to see a new enthusiasm and energy in mind. Due to some matter or the other, may get to face some dispute-difference with someone. 

Taurus:- Today, you will get success at work. Today, good relationships can be established with people. In examination etc, can get disappointing results. 

Gemini:- There can be travel-trips with family or friends, will get support through them. Work will remain stable. Take care of health.

Cancer:- Will get success in various works. A good time will be spent with friends. You may get to face disappointment. 

Leo:- There will be happy and joyous atmosphere in family.  Will get success at work and its functioning. Can get to see ups and downs in health.

Virgo:- The day today, excess laziness will dominate in your body. In health also, condition of ups and downs will be seen. There can be a dispute with someone due to some reason.

Libra:-   You will get the desired results in every area-field. Will get top support of family. Enthusiasm and energy will remain in mind. A dispute with someone will become reason for tension-worry. 

Scorpio:- You can get honor-respect. Will get to see new enthusiasm and energy-activeness in mind. Will get family happiness of best level. 

Sagittarius:- Will not be able to get full support of luck-fate. Due to happening of some untoward incident, you may have a loss. Will get to see anger in behavior. 

Capricorn:- There can be travel-trips. A good time will be spent with members of family and friends. You will get good support of luck-fate. 

Aquarius:- Today, you will get success at any work. Will get family happiness. Keep watch over health.

Pisces:- You will get family happiness. Work will remain good. Due to happening of some untoward incident, negative thoughts can come to mind.

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Date Published : 25 Jan 2018
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