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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 29 June 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 29 June 2018

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 29 June 2018

Aries:- Even after hard work, the reward-result can be less. Worry will also bother you related to child. Due to running around related to work, will be able to pay less attention towards family.

Taurus:- Today, your day will be beneficial in the area of social sector, business-trade and other areas. Today, you will spend your day in the fictional-imaginary world only. There will be an arrangement of food party with family and friends.     

Gemini:- There is a possibility of a problem related to stomach trouble. If possible, avoid the plan to roam around. An unnecessary travel can become a burden on you. There is a necessity-need for you to be cautious towards vehicle. 

Cancer:- Sad feeling-emotions-grief can remain in the mind. There is a possibility of pain in the eyes. Family environment-atmosphere will be friendly-pleasant. Be careful and attentive that there is no misunderstanding with the family. Excessive money will be spent.

Leo:- Keep a compromised-understanding nature-behavior with family and at workplace. There is a need to keep control over talk-speech, otherwise there can be a conflict-controversy. Due to sadness, negative thoughts can come to mind, be careful about these. There is a possibility of excessive money spending. 

Virgo:- Today will be a rewarding-fruitful day. With benefit in different areas-sectors, you will be happy. There can be an increase in income. There will be benefit from friends and there can be spending on them also.

Libra:- You can organize a tour to a tourist destination-spot. Today, you can get an opportunity to be present at a Manglik-religious program at home-in family or at some relative’s place. 

Scorpio:- Health can remain bad. There can be anxiety and distraction in the mind. There will be worry-concern related to child. There can be obstacles-challenges in business-trade. It will seem like as if luck-fate is not supporting. 

Sagittarius:- Avoid risky thoughts and behavior. There can be differences with the high office bearers. There is a possibility of harm from the females side. Avoid running vehicle and keep anger under control.

Capricorn:- Today, suddenly there is condition of wealth-money getting spent. This expense also can be due to health reasons.  There is possibility of expense–spending related to business-trade and social causes. Take care of meals-diet.   

Aquarius:- Keep control over anger and negative thoughts. There can be an auspicious context-reference. There can be spoiling of relations in the married life or the life partner’s health can get spoilt. 

Pisces:- Keep in mind to be careful not to get injured-harmed by anyone or that you do not have a fight with anyone. Physically procrastination and mental condition worry can remain. There can be differences with friends and family members on ideological level matters.  


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Date Published : 26 Jun 2018
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