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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 19 November 2017

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 19 November 2017

Aries:- Today, you will get good support and companionship from friends. There is a possibility of a Manglik/ religious program at home- in family. Your desire to know/ learn about new objects will increase. A surprise wealth gain will be there. Respect will increase. Good relations will develop in the field of work. Someone in family could face a health problem. Be careful while driving.

Taurus:- You will succeed at work place with your kind / sweet words. You will get good support from friends. Family happiness will be good. There is a possibility of trips/travel. You will get trapped/stuck by interfering in others’ affair. You will be bent towards wrong company/association. There will be differences in ideology in brotherhood. 

Gemini:- Luck will be in your favor. Family members happiness will continue to prevail. There will be increase in religious belief. Possibility of trips/travel. You will continue to get blessings of the elderly. You will get an opportunity to participate in a Manglik / religious program in family. There can be minor differences on small issues with friends. Unnecessary dispute / argument can happen.

Cancer:- There can be trips/travel related to office work. You will get best/exalted happiness from family. You can get attraction to charity or religious work. You are likely to get respect in the field of work. Beware of enemies/ opponents. Do not get into any dispute or argument with anyone otherwise it could lead to serious trouble. You can get a health problem related to stomach.

Leo:- Due to visits/arrival of guests, the atmosphere at home remain good. According to your hard work put in, you will get success. Extensive expenses will continue. Rivalry can happen in brotherhood. Someone in family can face a health issue. Your mind can be distracted to a wrong doing/activity.

Virgo:- Today, you will be successful in whatever work you do. There will be an atmosphere of pleasure and happiness at home. Entertaining trips/travel will be there. Any wrong deed/activity done by you will turn harmful for you, due to which you can be a victim of mental stress. There is a possibility of a conflict in brotherhood.

Libra:- You will get good support from family and friends. You will try to learn something new. There will be energy and enthusiasm in mind. A possibility to attend a Manglik/ religious program. Your faith and trust in God will increase. You will get opportunity to go on trips/travel. You will get pleasure from vehicle. Your mind may get irritable, with which you could spoil your work.  

Scorpio:- You will participate enthusiastically in a religious program. Work will be successful. You will be energetic and lively in body. Your mind will be full of interest and zeal. You family will receive auspicious rewards, which will make you feel very happy. Your faith in God will increase. You will get good happiness from your family, but be conscious and cautious about your health. 

Sagittarius:- You will get success from work but your expenses will be more than the income. You will give due respect to the elderly at home. Be cautious about your health. Some family members’ health related problem is possible, due to which your mind will remain disturbed. There is a strong chance of a family member getting an injury. Mental tension can increase.

Capricorn:- Today, your body will be energetic and lively. Your work will be profitable and beneficial. You will be inclined to religious work. Your hard work and luck will produce best result. There is a possibility of harm through a weapon or object. Mental travails will increase. There will be trips but you could face some problems in it. 

Aquarius:- You will be successful in making a new plan/strategy at your work/ workplace. You could participate in a home-family or an acquaintance’s place. You will not feel like studying today. Be cautious about health. You can get a problem related to ear, nose, throat. 

Pisces:- You will do every work/task intelligently. You will conduct your responsibilities in a good manner. There will be interest in religious work/activity. You will also get opportunity for travel/ trips. Today, you could get negative thoughts with an increase in anger level. There will be stressful situations/ circumstances in the household. 

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Date Published : 16 Nov 2017
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