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TODAY HOROSCOPE - 06 October 2017

TODAY HOROSCOPE - 06 October 2017

ARIES :- Today, you’ll spend a good time with your family. Work will be stable.  You will be attracted towards the spirituality.Take care of your health Control Your expenses.

TAURUS :- There will be no problems in your work. Your speech will be good. You will get blessings and help from your elders.Some small health-related problems may arise with someone in the family.

GEMINI:- Success will be achieved in studies. You will find new excitement and enthusiasm in mind. Sweetness in the family will remain. Be cautious about your health Laziness will remain in the body.  Don't be a part of bad company or society.

CANCER:- You will have profits in your work. you will make new friends. You may have a conflict with someone due to monetary problems. Control on your anger.

LEO:- You will not get full support from the fortune. You will not be able to concentrate on the studies. You or someone in the family may face health problems. Take care of your fellowship.

VIRGO:- Today you will find stubbornness in your nature. You may have some dispute with friends. You can think a change in functioning. Any good news can be found. You will get the opportunity to join an Auspicious event.

LIBRA:- You will find new excitement and enthusiasm in mind. There will be a pleasant atmosphere in the family. You will try to learn something new. There can be a dispute with someone. Be conscious of your health and be cautious while driving  vehicle also.     

SCORPIO:- Work will be done in the office.You will participate in an auspicious event at home. Interest in education-field will increase.Expenses will increase. You may travels.

SAGITTARIUS:- You will be able to do whatever you do today. You will be working as you wish. There may be some kind of stress in the house. Dispute with someone can cause trouble. Avoid anger.

CAPRICORN:- You will get the opportunity to join an Auspicious event due to which happiness will remain in mind.  You will be more friendly with people. Negative thoughts can arise due to some kind of false allegation

AQUARIUS:- You may get some good news today. Work will be reimbursed.  Someone in the family may have health-related problems.There may be a lack of money to face.

PISCES:-You may have a conflict with your close ones due to some problems. You may face losses in work done in partnerships. You may have an increase in your expenditure.You may have some dispute with friends.

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Date Published : 05 Oct 2017
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