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Solace: Mind and Astrology

Any person approaches and reads Astrology primarily when s/he wants to know what’s in store for his/her present and future…for better luck, prediction, mitigation of problems, cures and remedies; especially during a disadvantageous period, bad happenings, for solutions, guidance etc., whereas, Psychology involves first and foremost the study of mind and its aspects. Approaching an Astrologer or a Psychologist/Psychiatrist/ Counselor is quite like going to a Doctor, Property Consultant, the Army (for national safety), Ministries-Government (for licenses, permissions etc), Police, Organizations (for jobs/business B2B), Pilot-Driver (for transport), Priest, Panditji etc., for solutions to your specific needs, from time-to-time and per case-matter.

 Astrology also assists in determining a person’s various facets of life in past, present and future. Many relate Astrology to ancient times, religion, belief, fiction, time favorability etc. There are several forms of Astrology that have evolved over time like Vedic, Greek, Mundane, Chinese, Western etc. Vedic, Hindu or ancient Indian Astrology is beautifully described in the works of world renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev G.D. Vashist ji called YES I CAN CHANGE.

 Many relate Psychology specifically something to do with mind - problems and aspects related to it like anxiety, mental imbalance, madness, hyper-tension, emotions, depression, schizophrenia, discontentment, childhood/ children/ family/personality etc disorders and so forth. So, definitely there must some overlap in the two scopes of studies, i.e., Astrology and Psychology (mind study), as both concern the mind itself and more.

 Personalized solutions, cures and remedies provided by reputed Astrologers are normally in the form of ‘Upaay’ (Hindi word meaning remedy-cure), havan, mantras, Yajnas, in person confidential consultation etc. Whereas, Psychologists, Psychiatrists etc provide treatment, medical prescriptions, often medicinal-based etc. But it all has many overlapping common goals like mental peace, better living etc.

 A famous quote by world renowned Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung goes: “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens”

 We are what we think, eat, people we choose to mix around-associate with, our values, priorities, relationships, work etc. And a lot is based on our Janam Kundali. So, an analysis of your Janam Kundali is very important, that determines our tendencies, nature, career path, health, behavior etc. You can ask for a call back by Filing the Form  or you can approach us for Janam Kundali and Astrology consultation at +91 – 124 – 6674671 or by e-mail: info@yesicanchange.com for more information. An appointment is possible at our office:

 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase III, Gurugram (Gurgaon) India

Date Published : 22 Nov 2017
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