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Should we Depend on Fate and Luck Alone?

In today’s chaotic, polluted, traffic congested, political, time-pressed, monetarily pressured, mentally stressed,  difficult/complicated relationships - nasty times, can we depend solely on fate and luck and sit back for our betterment, favorability in life instances, environmentally and mentally?

 What are the options in hand to lead a less problematic life? Indian astrology (Vedic), Jyotish would perhaps recommend  certain remedies based on your date/time/place of birth horoscope (zodiac) to reduce the ill-effects and bring about serenity, peace, good healthy living, Yoga, peace with children, parents, good career etc. in life.

In ancient times, several doctrines/ideology of thought were researched in-depth by Astrologers, Psychologists, Aryas, Greek thinkers, Philosophers etc. using and leveraging the celestial bodies (the moon, the sun, the planets etc.), palmistry, study of mind, numerology, Feng Shui, Gemology, Astronomy etc.

 A quick heal and cure can be found from the precise text and results in the works of “Yes I Can Change” in the modern day. It is not only distinct but also less time consuming, easy to follow, ease of prediction and an affordable day-to-day remedy. 

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Date Published : 10 Nov 2017
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