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Match-Making: Why is it Necessary?

Match-Making: Why is it Necessary?

Idiom “marriages are made in heaven” need no mention. It sounds like cakewalk, but is it really true/possible for the majority of us in the modern day circumstances? Divorce rates and court cases are ever-increasing. We are perhaps lucky in India (and Indians the world-over) that it is not as bad when compared to the rest of the world, especially the Western societies. One would argue that marriages are made on Earth rather than heaven now, unless “Heaven is a Place on Earth”! No one can foretell/predict the future success, hope, drag or failure of a marriage. Marriages are normally and typically classified into “love” or “arranged” marriage. It is a matter of debate to bet on which of the two (or a dual/combo) is likely to be better/advantageous. In modern times, the success and longevity of a marriage depends on multifaceted deep aspects and often on the combination and package of ideology of the 2 individuals coming together, at times their respective families (especially in the Indian context), joint or nuclear family, background, siblings play, in-laws interference, values, occupation, nature/behavior, chemistry, visions, age gap between the two, being blindfold, infatuation, pleasantries of the moment, any past relationships/instances and so forth.

To reduce the probability of failure, and increase success/favorability in a marriage, we have studied deeply in the roots itself, i.e., the first step – Match-Making. A Chinese proverb goes:”A danger foreseen is half avoided”. Often, a marriage (or either of the two/couple) can make a life or break a life. . It is well explained by renowned Astro-Scientist , and you can Read More...

Match-Making in marriages should be taken case to case, individual to individual, or pair (couple) basis. Each individual, each relationship, each situation, each Janam Kundali (horoscope), each instance is different. For optimal results, we need to link this subject to the celestial bodies (the moon, the sun, the planets) and influence it.


For a balanced and easy to follow report on Match-Making, please reference our text/studies/ predictions/ ideal Match-Making on Lal Kitab Amrit for Couple

Date Published : 17 Nov 2017
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